Collateral Requirements Graphic

As a follow-up to our previous blog about collateral requirements, we have put together a one page graphic. This graphic summarizes all the great insights we gained from the interview with Steve Coombs and adds in some observations from SIGMA.  This piece should be a good internal guide on how to prevent issues arising from collateral requirements. The graphic will also function as an excellent conversation guide with prospective and current clients.

A preview of this new graphic is below, or you can download a PDF of the graphic in our portal, at www.SIGMAactuary.com/resources

Collateral Requirements Graphic

Again, please be sure to check out Steve’s book at


You can email Steve at scoombs@riskresources.net.

Our staff here at SIGMA is available to discuss any client specific issues you are having around the topic of collateral requirements.

If you have not registered for access to our portal, where you can download this graphic, you can do so by clicking here.  Registration is quick, easy, and access to all of our resources is free.

We welcome your feedback by posting a comment, or contact Tim at TLC@SIGMAactuary.com.

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